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Pool Table Delivery & Installation Guide

Buying a pool table is a big decision. It involves research, planning and a little faith. After all, you are thinking about spending possibly thousands of dollars. Almost all customers want to know, who handles professional installation? 

The last thing that you want to worry about or should have to worry about is what happens next. It's not like Amazon can just drop it off on your door step. 

This guide is help those that are unsure what happens after they click the buy button. Rest assured, Pool Table Nexus has you covered!

  1. After you choose your table and click purchase, your order will be received by our sales team. 
  2. Before your method of payment is processed, a member of our sales team is going to contact you to verify the address where the table is to be delivered. They will also ask you some additional questions to get a better understanding of what our installers are likely to encounter such as, stairs, narrow passages, tight corners, room dimensions, etc. 
  3. Once all that information is gathered, your method of payment will be processed. 
  4. Your order will be received by our shipping department and your table will be processed for delivery. Processing times ranges from 2-4 business days. Please be aware, this does NOT include weekends. 
  5. Once your table is ready to ship, it will be sent to the warehouse of one our certified pool table installers in your area. (For all pool tables, this is REQUIRED)
  6. Once the table arrives at the warehouse, a member of the installer team will contact you to let you know your table has arrived and coordinate a time to professionally deliver and install your new pool table. (They may ask some additional questions like those in step 2 just to verify nothing has changed)
  7. Once the our professional installers have installed your new pool table, they will remove all of the packaging material and clean up the work area.